We chose ViaTour for the tool it provided us without the expenditure associated with much larger software packages. The support we have received has been phenomenal.

Ati Jain, President, Cross Culture Journeys

ViaTour works well for us. We came to them after many years searching for the right program to keep track of our clients and bookings. There have needed to be little tweaks along the way with ViaTour, but they are always there to help us with the things we need.

Lynn Cross, President, Polar Cruises

I am just LOVING the database - our lives are so different - in my mind I thank you a million times a day and you should know that.

Janet Moore, Owner, Distant Horizons

I love having everything in one place without a lot of manual work. It makes it 10 times easier. You might call it a glorified filing system, but is it beyond a filing system because it's all there, connected, and you can trust it. Before I had to go find it and the notes might be in seven places and which notes were the most current? Now I pull up the record, and if something changes, updating is easy. I know the data is as current as it possibly can be.

Mo'e Samstag, Routes To Learning Canada

Choose ViaTour!

  • 1

    East to Learn: Our intuitive approach focuses on Travelers, Tours, and Vendors.

  • 2

    Budget Friendly: Pay for only what you need and nothing more.

  • 3

    All-in-One: All levels of VT include complete back office with optional online integration.

  • 4

    Ongoing Value: Frequent updates insures that you stay ahead of your competition

  • 5

    Flexible: Set up the VT system to use your terminology and your business rules.

  • 6

    Low Commitment: Cancel your subscription at any time no questions asked.

  • 7

    Proven Success: 15 years of great service to our clients.

  • 8

    Online: ViaTour has fully integrated web functionality.

  • 9

    Community: The ViaTour community works collaboratively to develop new ideas.

  • 10

    Experience: ViaTour is built and used by professional travel planners.

A Few Words About Us

ViaTour is a dedicated team of individuals committed to providing tour operators and travel planners with the necessary tools for success. Backed by over twenty years’ combined experience in both tour management and software development, ViaTour offers the software and services that help you navigate the ever-evolving travel industry in efficient and innovative ways.


ViaTour: Tour Management Software is a comprehensive software solution that supports your business throughout the entire lifecycle of a tour. By seamlessly integrating reservation and contact management, client and vendor communications, tour logistics, marketing tracking, financials and business analysis in one consolidated system, ViaTour: Tour Management Software significantly increases efficiency and enhances accuracy by automating workflow and eliminating redundancy.

ViaTour Team Leaders

Karen Ziegler is head of Client Services for ViaTour Tour Mangagement Software
Karen Ziegler

Client Services

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Ann Ziegler is head of Design and Development for ViaTour Tour Mangagement Software
Ann Ziegler

Design and Development

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Larry Ridenour is head of Online Development and IT Services for ViaTour Tour Mangagement Software
Larry Ridenour

Online Development and IT Services

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Roberta Moore
Roberta Moore

Client Services

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ViaTour Tour Mangagement Software is a member of the American Bus Association
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ViaTour Tour Mangagement Software is a member of the Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa
ViaTour Tour Mangagement Software is a member of ETC, the Educational Travel Community
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